September 1988 - October 1992

SD Scicon, Berners Road, London W1

Contract Project Manager

Skills Used:


Microsoft Windows 3.1, Wordstar 6.0.

I joined SD Scicon to work for them on site at British Telecom as the Project Manager in a hands-on role on the BIPASS (BIlling system for PAcket Switching Services) system running under ICL VME on 3980. My duties involved the supervision of three Analyst/Programmers, work scheduling, the production of project reports and liaison with both BT management and users at various sites. In addition to the above, I was also responsible for requirement capture and analysis, the writing of program specifications and the writing and amending of COBOL programs and production SCL procedures.

I was directly responsible for the maintenance of the system test pack which had been set up to provide all possible test conditions for BIPASS under a test environment. This involved the design and creation of test data, the writing of test SCL procedures, and ensuring the integrity of the test system in line with live system upgrades.

Finally, I managed the system closedown including the archiving of all required data on various media - tape, fiche and optical disk, when the BIPASS system was replaced.

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