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The Lancia Y10 was introduced in 1985 as a replacement for the Autobianchi A112 with a model range comprising the following:

Y10 Fire - entry level model using the 999cc FIRE (Fiat Integrated Robot Engine) as previously introduced in the Fiat Panda.

Y10 Touring - luxury model using the 1050cc engine previously seen in the Fiat 127 range. This model usually came equipped with sunroof, electric windows and central locking.

Y10 Turbo - performance model using a turbocharged version of the 1050cc engine seen in the Touring.

Over the lifetime of the model, the Touring was dropped without replacement, and in 1989 the Turbo model was replaced by the GTie, which although a little less powerful, was more driveable than the Turbo, and a lot more economical. A four-wheel-drive model was introduced in 1986, but was never sold in the UK

Later Fire models were badged Fila for the UK market, but the rest of Europe got models such as the Mia, Avenue and Igloo

In 1989, the first facelift brought in different rear seats (to give more luggage space), clear front indicators (rather than orange) and darker tail lights.

The series 2 models were introduced in 1992 and ran until they were replaced by the Ypsilon in 1995 - these were never sold in the UK market as they coincided with Lancia's withdrawal.

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