The Lancia Ypsilon was announced in 1995 as the replacement to the Y10, although being based on the Fiat Punto floorpan and mechanicals, it was larger than the car it replaced. The range currently consists of the following:

Y 1.1 8v Elephantino Blu - entry level model using the 1100cc engine as used in the Punto 55, developing 55bhp.

Y 1.2 8v - model using the 1242cc 8v engine as previously introduced in the Fiat Punto. Also available as Elephantino Blu - model aimed at the youth market with bright colours inside and out. We're up to the heady heights of 60bhp with this one.

Y 1.2 16v Elephantino Rosso - introduced in 1999, aiming at the younger driver. Includes 15" alloy wheels, titanium coloured grille, mirrors and dashboard, and with cloth/alcantara trimming inside.

Y 1.2 16v - The top of the range in LX form. Introduced in 1997 (my own car pictured above as purchased from Auto Halan in Holland) using the new 16v version of the 1242cc Fiat Punto engine and producing 86 bhp.

Further information about the Ypsilon can be found at the Official Lancia site.
For information on importing your own car from Europe, see how I imported my Lancia Ypsilon.

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