My Y10 Turbo

The 'before' shot showing the bodywork just before the big restoration commenced - note the Delta GT wheels and lowered suspension, and doors taken from a non-Turbo Y10

This page will contain details of my Lancia Y10 Turbo and its modifications, as well as pictures monitoring the progress or not of its current ongoing restoration

I bought the car (D557GPW) in September 1994 as an emergency purchase having just blown up my Y10 Touring that very morning. Picked up the Exchange & Mart on the way home and found my car there. For the next few months, the Y10 Turbo was my work hack - travelling 214 miles daily on my commute to Bristol. As time went on, and pieces broke off, slowly I started to improve her - she is definately female, pampered, spoilt rotten and still as petulant as hell (I apologize unreservedly to my female readers!). First it was a door - the passenger door had big-time rust and the skins had separated. Further expenditure saw the starter motor replaced, followed shortly by the alternator which seized dramatically on the M4

The last straw was when the oil pipe to the oil cooler split one stormy night coming back from Bristol. First thing I knew was running very wide round a fast bend (hardly surprising as the contents of the sump had just been emptied over the right front wheel) followed by the two oil gauges both registering zero. Engine sounded OK - you always imagine the rattles anyway - so I put the gauge failure down to Italian electrics not mixing well with rain. Arrived at the garage near my house so checked the oil to find none. No obvious evidence of where it had gone - I had travelled 35 miles since losing the oil so the wheel had been cleaned up by the rain - so I tipped a gallon of oil in and drove the 2 miles home. Needless to say, another lurid slide as I exitted the next bend caused me more than a little concern. When I got home, I could see the oil covered wheel.

Unbelievably, after replacing the oil pipe, I did another 16,000 miles over the next few months. The engine did start to sound worse though, and by the time my job in Bristol ended, she was running quite rough. The night I finished there, we entered the Lancia Motor Club Treasure Hunt that was being run in our area. Driving slowly down these little lanes, reversing for a mile at a time at least once - this treatment finished off the engine. She was running rough, smoking too much for comfort - we did win the Treasure Hunt though!

Something had to be done. It was shortly after this that I saw an advert in Viva Lancia, the Lancia Motor Club magazine for an ex-rally engine, built up from brand new, fully prepared and reputed to put out 140 bhp! Just had to have it really. A deal was struck, a few weeks went by and finally the engine was mine. A major purchase saw a Group N competition clutch arriving in Postman Pat's little red van, and the engine was changed (those of you who have changed a Y10 Turbo engine will realise that the last statement was 'workshop manual speak'). She ran like a rocket but the MOT was due and she failed. More expenditure, a new exhaust, and she needed tyres. Had already planned to fit bigger wheels but had to act quick. Acquired the wheels and tyres from a Lancia Delta GT to get through the MOT - went out and bought new tyres (185/50x14 Yokohama A509s) shortly after.

Point of no return had been reached. She ran like a rocket, ate GTis and the like, but looked so rough. Having sold the perfectly good driver's side door - replaced with the dented one as in the above photo - didn't help. Needed to do something about the body - every panel was dented somewhere, and she leaked like a sieve. But I still needed her to get me to work, so things would have to wait. Emergency surgery was carried out to replace the windscreen surround - no major feat as it involved 'unwelding' the front of the roof skin. Soon after this, it was time to finish uprating the mechanicals - the now defunct Auto Sensation relieving your happy author of a large sack of money in exchange for a 4-pot vented disc kit, shorter springs and Leda adjustable struts. Just the body to go now

Kind of brings us to the present day - the purchase of my Ypsilon meant the Y10 no longer had to hack it daily. Time to do the body. Parts were stocked up ready, 2 new front wings, 2 new door frames (cannot buy just the sills on their own), 2 new rear wings, 2 new rear inner wings and wheel arch boxes. Headlights, grille and backing panel from a series 3 Y10. Even a spare roof from a Y10 Touring with factory sunroof.

The first pictures are ready now so take a look at the next page to show the shell in all its stripped glory. Target date for completion is end of March 1999 - the annual Lancia Motor Club track day at Goodwood. Will she be there, will she be finished, what will the final spec be (still planning it out depending on budget available) - follow the story on this site - and wish me luck

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