September 1997 - September 1999

British Sky Broadcasting, Isleworth, London

Contract Integration Test Manager/Y2K Project Manager

Skills Used:

MS Office 95/97, Windows NT4, MS Project 98, PRINCE2, QA Track

I joined BSkyB to head up the setting up of an Integration testing team for the Digital TV project which involved the following:

  • Understanding how Digital TV works, how the Electronic Programme Guide works, how all facets and departments within BSkyB interact to produce the end result
  • Defining the overall team structure for all facets of testing including Fault Control, Configuration Management and UAT
  • Setting up and controlling all testing to integrate all facets of systems that went to produce Digital TV broadcasting
  • Defining the requirements to create a test office fully duplicating the real life scenario from tape, through transmission and reception of a signal
Having ended the set up phase at the end of 1997, Integration testing was passed to another team, and I took up a senior role within the Year 2000 Compliance team, where my duties included:
  • Production of the various methodologies and plans to be used during the BSkyB Year 2000 project, including those for Unit & System Testing, Testing of PCs, Testing of non-IT Equipment, Command & Control of Programme Office and the overall Year 2000 Strategy document. These were then reviewed by ICL in a consultancy capacity and accepted in full
  • Planning and managing a review of all computer programme code for potential Y2K pitfalls
  • Set up and management of an Access database containing a full inventory of all hardware and software items (approx. 19000 items) within BSkyB, whilst performing the roles of Configuration Manager and Technical Consultant for the programme
  • Planning, managing and carrying out a full audit of all hardware and software in use anywhere within the company including not only the head offices in London, but also the call centres in Scotland and the transmission centre at Chilworth
  • Managing a continuous audit programme in order to include any new assets brought in since the initial audit
  • Managing a team of temporary non-IT staff to communicate with all suppliers to ensure that their Y2K programmes were in place, and that their products were Y2K compliant
  • Managed the creation and maintenance of an Intranet Y2K site with the aim of educating BSkyB personnel as to the role of the Y2K team, how it affected them, things to look for, and generally raise Y2K awareness within a Y2K-sceptical environment
  • Managed a communications officer who produced a Y2K video and ran seminars for all personnel at all offices to explain the potential impact of Y2K
  • Set up and management of an issue logging system using QA Track.
As the project progressed, I took on the responsibility for planning and managing a programme-wide company internal QA audit to ensure nothing had been omitted from the programme and that due diligence had been applied in all facets of the programme.

Throughout my time on the project, I was responsible for the procurement of staff needed in my areas, from providing HR with the job specification, through to the interview and selection process.

I have also appeared on the Sky News TV channel as a "computer expert", being interviewed for both pre-recorded and live programmes.

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