May 1996 - September 1997

British Gas Trading, London Rd, Staines

Contract Operations Manager

Skills Used:

ICL VME 3900, Cobol, SCL, Lotus Ami-Pro, Lotus 1-2-3, MS Project

I joined British Gas Trading in the role of Operations Manager with the Applications Services team, whose brief was to support the Tariff Gas Billing system. At the time of joining, the system was remotely supported by AG Solutions, but the aim was to bring support under the wing of British Gas Trading. The job involved gaining an understanding in how the national billing system worked - there were approximately 200 processes for each of 8 regions making up the daily batch suite alone. From this, Gantt charts showing the make-up of the system were produced such that critical path areas could be identified to prioritise the improvements to be made. A suite of programs was designed and written by myself to monitor and report on all forms of batch performance. A system log was maintained, detailing all events and their causes for each run of the system such that trends could be monitored, and forecasting aided. This part of the job involved liaising with the suppliers AG Solutions, operational staff and management. This information was also used to prove/disprove development upgrades to software and machine configuration.

I was also involved in the Multi-Product Billing system at an early stage - indeed he wrote documents detailing the Technical Approach and the Standards to be used for the project.

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