March 1981 - September 1985

Equitable Life Assurance Society, Walton St, Aylesbury

Lead Programmer (09/83 - 09/85)

Programmer (Mar 81 - Sept 83)

Skills Used:

ICL VME 2900, George II, Telecomputing TPS, IDMSX, DDS, Altadata, XEKB COBOL, JCL, ME29 COBOL, TME.

As Lead Programmer, I was responsible for a team of 4 programmers ranging in abilities from trainee upwards, and 3 contract programmers. I was also in charge of the development of the Society's on-line database system developed under TPS and comprising approximately 210 screens. I co-wrote and implemented the Society's VME programming standards and was responsible for the 'on-the-job' training of my staff.

As programmer, my main duties were the maintenance of existing batch programs and the development of new on-line systems using TPS. I personally wrote over 100 TPS modules as well as over 50 new batch VME/DME programs, along with the maintenance of old batch programs, during this period.

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