October 1993 - June 1994

British Gas (North Thames), The Causeway, Staines

Contract Analyst/Programmer

Skills Used:


I joined British Gas as part of the team implementing domestic VAT onto Gas billing. The project involved the writing of conversion programs to reformat the existing data, and the amendment of approximately 200 programs and TPMS modules. After I had carried out unit testing, my duties included aiding in the system testing and carrying out corrections/amendments as a result of such testing. A further complication was that at the same time as the implementation of VAT, British Gas were carrying out conversion from CME to VME, and also the VAT implementation was to be carried out in 2 phases which were programmed simultaneously. This meant that extra care was required to ensure that any changes were reflected in the correct versions of each program.

Following on from the implementation of VAT, I was then employed on the next project - the metrication of Gas meters.

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