Hall of Shame

I had located a company called Hi-Spec Motorsport in Dartford to do the job. I contacted them and spoke to the proprietor Geoff Bedding. He seemed keen to do the job, all I would need to do was take over the rear axle, a front strut and a wheel, and they could do the rest.

I took the parts over, we selected the kit required - 285mm vented and slotted front discs with Wilwood Dynalite billet 4 pot calipers for the front, and 245mm solid rear discs with Wilwood billet 2 pot calipers for the rear. It would all be ready for collection in 2 weeks. We agreed I would call during the second week to confirm the pickup on Saturday, this call I made on the Thursday. Geoff was unable to come to the phone - I was assured he would call me back asap. He didn't!

The following morning I called again, finally getting through. It transpired that work was starting on my brakes that morning - I was very disappointed. I needed to get the parts back the next morning (Saturday) to keep things on track. I needed the axle back so the tie rods could be rose-jointed before reassembly of the car commenced. I reminded Geoff that he had promised the brakes for this weekend and that I really needed them. I also reminded him I was not around the corner, I was in fact 2 hours away from his place and it wasn't possible for me to just drop in some other time. He said to call him back in the afternoon.

I called back in the afternoon to be told my brakes would not be ready by the morning. They had been busy fulfilling a back log of orders (which had been known about before I was given a due date). I expressed my dismay at this and also that he hadn't even had the courtesy to return my call on the Thursday - he was too busy! I expressed the fact that I needed the brakes done by the morning and wanted to know what he was going to do to make this happen. I was very taken aback by his reply that I could "like it or lump it" but they wouldn't be ready - his promise of completion by earlier that week meant nothing to him. I told him not to bother, I didn't want my money going to someone who so blatantly despised their customers and that I would pick up my parts first thing in the morning. I also pointed out that I was surprised he felt that not only could he afford to lose my business (he didn't care) but also that of a pal Adam who was independantly booked to visit that same Saturday for a set of front discs/calipers (he didn't care about that either!). A simple apology that things had been delayed would have sufficed - but no way am I going to do business with someone who doesn't deliver and then tells me to "like it or lump it"!

Saturday morning came and I went over to collect my parts. I was in reconcilliatory mood - if he had said anything vaguely reasonable I would have been prepared to take what he had done and wait for the rest. I really only needed the axle at this point - so long as the measurements had been taken, a couple of days wait for the actual brake parts would not have bneen the end of the world. That is not what I got. My parts were all on the floor in a heap by the door when I arrived and I was greeted by a very surly Geoff who told me to take them and get out. He had a couple of (potential) customers with him so I suggested to them they might want to rethink doing business with someone who so blatantly doesn't give a stuff about his customers. He threatened to throw my parts through my windscreen and then threw the axle out of his door - again, in front of his customers. Quite frankly how this obnoxious git remains in business is beyond me - he obviously feels you have no choice but to go to him for brakes such as these, and as such he can treat his customers like shit if he pleases. I cannot recommend strongly enough that his company should be avoided. I will be getting someone else to do the necessary work (someone who treats their customers with respect as do all my other suppliers) and will report back here in case anyone does want this kind of work undertaken.

And just in case you think it was just me, or this was a one-off experience, it seems I am not the only one to vent my disappointment with Hi-Spec on the web - see this.

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