26th May 2002:

Finally - the public debut for the Yntegrale at the Italian Car Show, Stanford Hall, Leicestershire.

A cold, wet day failed to dampen spirits as the Yntegrale went on public display for the first time. Parked over with the handful of competition cars present at the show, the Yntegrale drew crowds of people all totally amazed as to how the Integrale drivetrain had been crammed into so small a car. The workmanship of the car came in for critical acclaim, and the design brief (to look like Lancia built it) was achieved with many people asking if it was original, was it an Italian market only model, was it a special edition, etc.

There are still a handful of jobs required before the Yntegrale can be deemed finished - an MOT would be useful for starters, but she still needs rear number plate lights to pass. Evolution Engineering still need to do some work with the ECU so as to optimise it for the rest of the engine spec, at which point the car will then return to Burnham Autos for final touching up and correction of a few minor flaws such as a scratch or two in the paintwork and a leaky sunroof - the car was taken from then before it would normally have been released so it could appear at this show.

Some pictures from the show are below courtesy of Adam Jefferson and Alexis - thanks guys!

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